University of Minnesota


SPiNCOM Alumni

Nasim Yahya Soltani

Nasim Yahya Soltani, U of M, Ph.D. 2014

Research Associate, SPiNCOM, U of Minn.
Research interests: big data analysis, network science, machine learning, statistical signal processing, robust and chance-constrained optimization, smart grid and wireless communications

Morteza Mardani

Morteza Mardani, U of M, Ph.D. 2015

research interests: network inference and optimization, sparse and low rank recovery

Yu Zhang

Yu Zhang, U of M, Ph.D. 2015

(Post Doc, U of CA, Berkely)
research interests: smart power grids, optimization theory, big data analytics, and wireless communications

Brian Baingana

Brian Baingana, U of M, Ph.D. 2016

Post Doc, SPiNCOM, U of Minn.
research interests: statistical signal processing, estimation theory, network science and statistical/machine learning algorithms, statistical analysis of network flow data



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