Georgios B. Giannakis

Professor, ADC Chair in Wireless Telecommunications
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota


Contact Information

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engr.
University of Minnesota
200 Union Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Tel: (612) 626-7781
Fax: (612) 625-4583

BS Theses Supervised

  1. A. Pitsillides, "Multicarrier Wide-band CDMA Systems," May 1999.
  2. A. Kambanellas, "Pre-equalization of OFDM systems," April 1998.
  3. R. W. Heath Jr., "Blind blur identification and perfect image restoration," May 1996. BSc Thesis received the William L. Everitt Student Award for Excellence, and won the first prize in the Undergraduate Thesis Symposium (oral presentation), University of Virginia, 1996.
  4. Bradley Allen, "Using wavelets for forecasting 1/f type behavior," May 1995 (Applied Math student).
  5. A. Redfern, "Time-varying models of speech," May 1995.
  6. R. Mozeleski, "Digital processing of an audio signal for passive monitoring of hospital patients' heart signal," May 1994.
  7. Xiaogun Wu, "Use of a load plate under a dynamic test condition," August 1993.
  8. E. Byrne, "Hardware design of a DSP platform for high fidelity audio," May 1993.
  9. Sue Pan, "Implementation and testing of human vocal tract estimation model," May 1993.
  10. D. Dinh, "A voice-activated appliance controller system design," May 1991.
  11. C. Malek, "A programic aid for chaotic and nonlinear system analysis," May 1991.
  12. A. Pressuti, "Analysis and synthesis of speech signals," December 1990.